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Chapter 65


When her term of mourning had expired, Madeline gave
her hand and fortune to Nicholas; and, on the same day
and at the same time, Kate became Mrs Frank
Cheeryble. It was expected that Tim Linkinwater and Miss La
Creevy would have made a third couple on the occasion, but they
declined, and two or three weeks afterwards went out together
one morning before breakfast, and, coming back with merry faces,
were found to have been quietly married that day.

The money which Nicholas acquired in right of his wife he
invested in the firm of Cheeryble Brothers, in which Frank had
become a partner. Before many years elapsed, the business began
to be carried on in the names of ‘Cheeryble and Nickleby,’ so that
Mrs Nickleby’s prophetic anticipations were realised at last.

The twin brothers retired. Who needs to be told that they were
happy? They were surrounded by happiness of their own creation,
and lived but to increase it.

Tim Linkinwater condescended, after much entreaty and brow-
beating, to accept a share in the house; but he could never be
prevailed upon to suffer the publication of his name as a partner,
and always persisted in the punctual and regular discharge of his
clerkly duties.

He and his wife lived in the old house, and occupied the very
bedchamber in which he had slept for four-and-forty years. As his
wife grew older, she became even a more cheerful and light-

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