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hearted little creature; and it was a common saying among their
friends, that it was impossible to say which looked the happier,
Tim as he sat calmly smiling in his elbow-chair on one side of the
fire, or his brisk little wife chatting and laughing, and constantly
bustling in and out of hers, on the other.

Dick, the blackbird, was removed from the counting-house and
promoted to a warm corner in the common sitting-room. Beneath
his cage hung two miniatures, of Mrs Linkinwater’s execution; one
representing herself, and the other Tim; and both smiling very
hard at all beholders. Tim’s head being powdered like a twelfth
cake, and his spectacles copied with great nicety, strangers
detected a close resemblance to him at the first glance, and this
leading them to suspect that the other must be his wife, and
emboldening them to say so without scruple, Mrs Linkinwater
grew very proud of these achievements in time, and considered
them among the most successful likenesses she had ever painted.
Tim had the profoundest faith in them, likewise; for on this, as on
all other subjects, they held but one opinion; and if ever there
were a ‘comfortable couple’ in the world, it was Mr and Mrs

Ralph, having died intestate, and having no relations but those
with whom he had lived in such enmity, they would have become
in legal course his heirs. But they could not bear the thought of
growing rich on money so acquired, and felt as though they could
never hope to prosper with it. They made no claim to his wealth;
and the riches for which he had toiled all his days, and burdened
his soul with so many evil deeds, were swept at last into the coffers
of the state, and no man was the better or the happier for them.

Arthur Gride was tried for the unlawful possession of the will,

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