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which he had either procured to be stolen, or had dishonestly
acquired and retained by other means as bad. By dint of an
ingenious counsel, and a legal flaw, he escaped; but only to
undergo a worse punishment; for, some years afterwards, his
house was broken open in the night by robbers, tempted by the
rumours of his great wealth, and he was found murdered in his

Mrs Sliderskew went beyond the seas at nearly the same time
as Mr Squeers, and in the course of nature never returned.
Brooker died penitent. Sir Mulberry Hawk lived abroad for some
years, courted and caressed, and in high repute as a fine dashing
fellow. Ultimately, returning to this country, he was thrown into
jail for debt, and there perished miserably, as such high spirits
generally do.

The first act of Nicholas, when he became a rich and
prosperous merchant, was to buy his fatherís old house. As time
crept on, and there came gradually about him a group of lovely
children, it was altered and enlarged; but none of the old rooms
were ever pulled down, no old tree was ever rooted up, nothing
with which there was any association of bygone times was ever
removed or changed.

Within a stoneís throw was another retreat, enlivened by
childrenís pleasant voices too; and here was Kate, with many new
cares and occupations, and many new faces courting her sweet
smile (and one so like her own, that to her mother she seemed a
child again), the same true gentle creature, the same fond sister,
the same in the love of all about her, as in her girlish days.

Mrs Nickleby lived, sometimes with her daughter, and
sometimes with her son, accompanying one or other of them to

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