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Chapter 30

Festivities are held in honour of Nicholas, who
suddenly withdraws himself from the Society of Mr
Vincent Crummles and his Theatrical Companions.

Mr Vincent Crummles was no sooner acquainted with the
public announcement which Nicholas had made
relative to the probability of his shortly ceasing to be a
member of the company, than he evinced many tokens of grief and
consternation; and, in the extremity of his despair, even held out
certain vague promises of a speedy improvement not only in the
amount of his regular salary, but also in the contingent
emoluments appertaining to his authorship. Finding Nicholas bent
upon quitting the society--for he had now determined that, even if
no further tidings came from Newman, he would, at all hazards,
ease his mind by repairing to London and ascertaining the exact
position of his sister--Mr Crummles was fain to content himself by
calculating the chances of his coming back again, and taking
prompt and energetic measures to make the most of him before he
went away.

‘Let me see,’ said Mr Crummles, taking off his outlaw’s wig, the
better to arrive at a cool-headed view of the whole case. ‘Let me
see. This is Wednesday night. We’ll have posters out the first thing
in the morning, announcing positively your last appearance for

‘But perhaps it may not be my last appearance, you know,’ said
Nicholas. ‘Unless I am summoned away, I should be sorry to

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