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inconvenience you by leaving before the end of the week.’

‘So much the better,’ returned Mr Crummles. ‘We can have
positively your last appearance, on Thursday--re-engagement for
one night more, on Friday--and, yielding to the wishes of
numerous influential patrons, who were disappointed in obtaining
seats, on Saturday. That ought to bring three very decent houses.’

‘Then I am to make three last appearances, am I?’ inquired
Nicholas, smiling.

‘Yes,’ rejoined the manager, scratching his head with an air of
some vexation; ‘three is not enough, and it’s very bungling and
irregular not to have more, but if we can’t help it we can’t, so
there’s no use in talking. A novelty would be very desirable. You
couldn’t sing a comic song on the pony’s back, could you?’

‘No,’ replied Nicholas, ‘I couldn’t indeed.’
‘It has drawn money before now,’ said Mr Crummles, with a
look of disappointment. ‘What do you think of a brilliant display of

‘That it would be rather expensive,’ replied Nicholas, drily.
‘Eighteen-pence would do it,’ said Mr Crummles. ‘You on the
top of a pair of steps with the phenomenon in an attitude;
“Farewell!” on a transparency behind; and nine people at the
wings with a squib in each hand--all the dozen and a half going off
at once--it would be very grand--awful from the front, quite

As Nicholas appeared by no means impressed with the
solemnity of the proposed effect, but, on the contrary, received the
proposition in a most irreverent manner, and laughed at it very
heartily, Mr Crummles abandoned the project in its birth, and
gloomily observed that they must make up the best bill they could

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