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cry ‘Is it a boy, is it a boy?’ in a manner which went to the hearts of
all his hearers.

At length, Morleena (who quite forgot she had fainted, when
she found she was not noticed) announced that a chamber was
ready for her afflicted parent; and Mr Kenwigs, having partially
smothered his four daughters in the closeness of his embrace,
accepted the doctor’s arm on one side, and the support of Nicholas
on the other, and was conducted upstairs to a bedroom which
been secured for the occasion.

Having seen him sound asleep, and heard him snore most
satisfactorily, and having further presided over the distribution of
the toys, to the perfect contentment of all the little Kenwigses,
Nicholas took his leave. The matrons dropped off one by one, with
the exception of six or eight particular friends, who had
determined to stop all night; the lights in the houses gradually
disappeared; the last bulletin was issued that Mrs Kenwigs was as
well as could be expected; and the whole family were left to their

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