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Chapter 37

Nicholas finds further Favour in the Eyes of the
brothers Cheeryble and Mr Timothy Linkinwater.
The brothers give a Banquet on a great Annual
Occasion. Nicholas, on returning Home from it,
receives a mysterious and important Disclosure
from the Lips of Mrs Nickleby.

The square in which the counting-house of the brothers
Cheeryble was situated, although it might not wholly
realise the very sanguine expectations which a stranger
would be disposed to form on hearing the fervent encomiums
bestowed upon it by Tim Linkinwater, was, nevertheless, a
sufficiently desirable nook in the heart of a busy town like London,
and one which occupied a high place in the affectionate
remembrances of several grave persons domiciled in the
neighbourhood, whose recollections, however, dated from a much
more recent period, and whose attachment to the spot was far less
absorbing, than were the recollections and attachment of the
enthusiastic Tim.

And let not those whose eyes have been accustomed to the
aristocratic gravity of Grosvenor Square and Hanover Square, the
dowager barrenness and frigidity of Fitzroy Square, or the gravel
walks and garden seats of the Squares of Russell and Euston,
suppose that the affections of Tim Linkinwater, or the inferior
lovers of this particular locality, had been awakened and kept alive

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