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more. It gives him greater pain to know that he wanders
sometimes, and cannot understand very simple things. I have
watched him when you have not been by, my dear, sit brooding by
himself, with such a look of pain as I could scarcely bear to see,
and then get up and leave the room: so sorrowfully, and in such
dejection, that I cannot tell you how it has hurt me. Not three
weeks ago, he was a light-hearted busy creature, overjoyed to be in
a bustle, and as happy as the day was long. Now, he is another
being--the same willing, harmless, faithful, loving creature--but
the same in nothing else.’

‘Surely this will all pass off,’ said Kate. ‘Poor fellow!’
‘I hope,’ returned her little friend, with a gravity very unusual
in her, ‘it may. I hope, for the sake of that poor lad, it may.
However,’ said Miss La Creevy, relapsing into the cheerful,
chattering tone, which was habitual to her, ‘I have said my say,
and a very long say it is, and a very wrong say too, I shouldn’t
wonder at all. I shall cheer him up tonight, at all events, for if he is
to be my squire all the way to the Strand, I shall talk on, and on,
and on, and never leave off, till I have roused him into a laugh at
something. So the sooner he goes, the better for him, and the
sooner I go, the better for me, I am sure, or else I shall have my
maid gallivanting with somebody who may rob the house--though
what there is to take away, besides tables and chairs, I don’t know,
except the miniatures: and he is a clever thief who can dispose of
them to any great advantage, for I can’t, I know, and that’s the
honest truth.’

So saying, little Miss La Creevy hid her face in a very flat
bonnet, and herself in a very big shawl; and fixing herself tightly
into the latter, by means of a large pin, declared that the omnibus

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