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might come as soon as it pleased, for she was quite ready.

But there was still Mrs Nickleby to take leave of; and long
before that good lady had concluded some reminiscences bearing
upon, and appropriate to, the occasion, the omnibus arrived. This
put Miss La Creevy in a great bustle, in consequence whereof, as
she secretly rewarded the servant girl with eighteen-pence behind
the street-door, she pulled out of her reticule ten-pennyworth of
halfpence, which rolled into all possible corners of the passage,
and occupied some considerable time in the picking up. This
ceremony had, of course, to be succeeded by a second kissing of
Kate and Mrs Nickleby, and a gathering together of the little
basket and the brown-paper parcel, during which proceedings,
‘the omnibus,’ as Miss La Creevy protested, ‘swore so dreadfully,
that it was quite awful to hear it.’ At length and at last, it made a
feint of going away, and then Miss La Creevy darted out, and
darted in, apologising with great volubility to all the passengers,
and declaring that she wouldn’t purposely have kept them waiting
on any account whatever. While she was looking about for a
convenient seat, the conductor pushed Smike in, and cried that it
was all right--though it wasn’t--and away went the huge vehicle,
with the noise of half-a-dozen brewers’ drays at least.

Leaving it to pursue its journey at the pleasure of the conductor
aforementioned, who lounged gracefully on his little shelf behind,
smoking an odoriferous cigar; and leaving it to stop, or go on, or
gallop, or crawl, as that gentleman deemed expedient and
advisable; this narrative may embrace the opportunity of
ascertaining the condition of Sir Mulberry Hawk, and to what
extent he had, by this time, recovered from the injuries
consequent on being flung violently from his cabriolet, under the

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