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mun hoo thou’d licked that poor chap in t’ coorch.’
‘An honest man!’ cried Squeers, with a sneer.
‘Ah! an honest man,’ replied John; ‘honest in ought but ever
putting legs under seame table wi’ such as thou.’

‘Scandal!’ said Squeers, exultingly. ‘Two witnesses to it;
Wackford knows the nature of an oath, he does; we shall have you
there, sir. Rascal, eh?’ Mr Squeers took out his pocketbook and
made a note of it. ‘Very good. I should say that was worth full
twenty pound at the next assizes, without the honesty, sir.’

‘’Soizes,’ cried John, ‘thou’d betther not talk to me o’ ’Soizes.
Yorkshire schools have been shown up at ’Soizes afore noo, mun,
and it’s a ticklish soobjact to revive, I can tell ye.’

Mr Squeers shook his head in a threatening manner, looking
very white with passion; and taking his daughter’s arm, and
dragging little Wackford by the hand, retreated towards the door.

‘As for you,’ said Squeers, turning round and addressing
Nicholas, who, as he had caused him to smart pretty soundly on a
former occasion, purposely abstained from taking any part in the
discussion, ‘see if I ain’t down upon you before long. You’ll go a
kidnapping of boys, will you? Take care their fathers don’t turn
up--mark that--take care their fathers don’t turn up, and send
’em back to me to do as I like with, in spite of you.’

‘I am not afraid of that,’ replied Nicholas, shrugging his
shoulders contemptuously, and turning away.

‘Ain’t you!’ retorted Squeers, with a diabolical look. ‘Now then,
come along.’

‘I leave such society, with my pa, for Hever,’ said Miss Squeers,
looking contemptuously and loftily round. ‘I am defiled by
breathing the air with such creatures. Poor Mr Browdie! He! he!

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