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he! I do pity him, that I do; he’s so deluded. He! he! he!--Artful
and designing ’Tilda!’

With this sudden relapse into the sternest and most majestic
wrath, Miss Squeers swept from the room; and having sustained
her dignity until the last possible moment, was heard to sob and
scream and struggle in the passage.

John Browdie remained standing behind the table, looking
from his wife to Nicholas, and back again, with his mouth wide
open, until his hand accidentally fell upon the tankard of ale, when
he took it up, and having obscured his features therewith for some
time, drew a long breath, handed it over to Nicholas, and rang the

‘Here, waither,’ said John, briskly. ‘Look alive here. Tak’ these
things awa’, and let’s have soomat broiled for sooper--vary
comfortable and plenty o’ it--at ten o’clock. Bring soom brandy
and soom wather, and a pair o’ slippers--the largest pair in the
house--and be quick aboot it. Dash ma wig!’ said John, rubbing
his hands, ‘there’s no ganging oot to neeght, noo, to fetch anybody
whoam, and ecod, we’ll begin to spend the evening in airnest.’

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