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half fool, and detected in both characters? I think your day is over,

As he said this, he made some memorandum in his pocket-book
in which Mr Mantalini’s name figured conspicuously, and finding
by his watch that it was between nine and ten o’clock, made all
speed home.

‘Are they here?’ was the first question he asked of Newman.
Newman nodded. ‘Been here half an hour.’

‘Two of them? One a fat sleek man?’
‘Ay,’ said Newman. ‘In your room now.’
‘Good,’ rejoined Ralph. ‘Get me a coach.’
‘A coach! What, you--going to--eh?’ stammered Newman.
Ralph angrily repeated his orders, and Noggs, who might well
have been excused for wondering at such an unusual and
extraordinary circumstance (for he had never seen Ralph in a
coach in his life) departed on his errand, and presently returned
with the conveyance.

Into it went Mr Squeers, and Ralph, and the third man, whom
Newman Noggs had never seen. Newman stood upon the door-
step to see them off, not troubling himself to wonder where or
upon what business they were going, until he chanced by mere
accident to hear Ralph name the address whither the coachman
was to drive.

Quick as lightning and in a state of the most extreme wonder,
Newman darted into his little office for his hat, and limped after
the coach as if with the intention of getting up behind; but in this
design he was balked, for it had too much the start of him and was
soon hopelessly ahead, leaving him gaping in the empty street.

‘I don’t know though,’ said Noggs, stopping for breath, ‘any

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