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good that I could have done by going too. He would have seen me
if I had. Drive there! What can come of this? If I had only known it
yesterday I could have told--drive there! Theres mischief in it.
There must be.

His reflections were interrupted by a grey-haired man of a very
remarkable, though far from prepossessing appearance, who,
coming stealthily towards him, solicited relief.

Newman, still cogitating deeply, turned away; but the man
followed him, and pressed him with such a tale of misery that
Newman (who might have been considered a hopeless person to
beg from, and who had little enough to give) looked into his hat for
some halfpence which he usually kept screwed up, when he had
any, in a corner of his pocket-handkerchief.

While he was busily untwisting the knot with his teeth, the man
said something which attracted his attention; whatever that
something was, it led to something else, and in the end he and
Newman walked away side by side--the strange man talking
earnestly, and Newman listening.

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