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one of the best inns in England, turned in, for the night, at the
George at Grantham. The remainder wrapped themselves more
closely in their coats and cloaks, and leaving the light and warmth
of the town behind them, pillowed themselves against the luggage,
and prepared, with many half-suppressed moans, again to
encounter the piercing blast which swept across the open country.

They were little more than a stage out of Grantham, or about
halfway between it and Newark, when Nicholas, who had been
asleep for a short time, was suddenly roused by a violent jerk
which nearly threw him from his seat. Grasping the rail, he found
that the coach had sunk greatly on one side, though it was still
dragged forward by the horses; and while--confused by their
plunging and the loud screams of the lady inside--he hesitated, for
an instant, whether to jump off or not, the vehicle turned easily
over, and relieved him from all further uncertainty by flinging him
into the road.

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