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Chapter 6

In which the Occurrence of the Accident mentioned
in the last Chapter, affords an Opportunity to a
couple of Gentlemen to tell Stories against each

o ho!’ cried the guard, on his legs in a minute, and
running to the leaders’ heads. ‘Is there ony genelmen
there as can len’ a hond here? Keep quiet, dang ye!


Wo ho!’

‘What’s the matter?’ demanded Nicholas, looking sleepily up.
‘Matther mun, matter eneaf for one neight,’ replied the guard;
‘dang the wall-eyed bay, he’s gane mad wi’ glory I think, carse
t’coorch is over. Here, can’t ye len’ a hond? Dom it, I’d ha’ dean it
if all my boans were brokken.’

‘Here!’ cried Nicholas, staggering to his feet, ‘I’m ready. I’m
only a little abroad, that’s all.’

‘Hoold ’em toight,’ cried the guard, ‘while ar coot treaces. Hang
on tiv’em sumhoo. Well deane, my lod. That’s it. Let’em goa noo.
Dang ’em, they’ll gang whoam fast eneaf!’

In truth, the animals were no sooner released than they trotted
back, with much deliberation, to the stable they had just left,
which was distant not a mile behind.

‘Can you blo’ a harn?’ asked the guard, disengaging one of the

‘I dare say I can,’ replied Nicholas.
‘Then just blo’ away into that ’un as lies on the grund, fit to

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