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wakken the deead, will’ee,’ said the man, ‘while I stop sum o’ this
here squealing inside. Cumin’, cumin’. Dean’t make that noise,

As the man spoke, he proceeded to wrench open the uppermost
door of the coach, while Nicholas, seizing the horn, awoke the
echoes far and wide with one of the most extraordinary
performances on that instrument ever heard by mortal ears. It had
its effect, however, not only in rousing such of their fall, but in
summoning assistance to their relief; for lights gleamed in the
distance, and people were already astir.

In fact, a man on horseback galloped down, before the
passengers were well collected together; and a careful
investigation being instituted, it appeared that the lady inside had
broken her lamp, and the gentleman his head; that the two front
outsides had escaped with black eyes; the box with a bloody nose;
the coachman with a contusion on the temple; Mr Squeers with a
portmanteau bruise on his back; and the remaining passengers
without any injury at all--thanks to the softness of the snow-drift
in which they had been overturned. These facts were no sooner
thoroughly ascertained, than the lady gave several indications of
fainting, but being forewarned that if she did, she must be carried
on some gentleman’s shoulders to the nearest public-house, she
prudently thought better of it, and walked back with the rest.

They found on reaching it, that it was a lonely place with no
very great accommodation in the way of apartments--that portion
of its resources being all comprised in one public room with a
sanded floor, and a chair or two. However, a large faggot and a
plentiful supply of coals being heaped upon the fire, the
appearance of things was not long in mending; and, by the time

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