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person possessed of some influence with her, had remonstrated
and begged her to compose herself, Mr Lillyvick said in a faltering

‘I never shall ask anybody here to receive my--I needn’t
mention the word; you know what I mean. Kenwigs and Susan,
yesterday was a week she eloped with a half-pay captain!’

Mr and Mrs Kenwigs started together.
‘Eloped with a half-pay captain,’ repeated Mr Lillyvick, ‘basely
and falsely eloped with a half-pay captain. With a bottle-nosed
captain that any man might have considered himself safe from. It
was in this room,’ said Mr Lillyvick, looking sternly round, ‘that I
first see Henrietta Petowker. It is in this room that I turn her off,
for ever.’

This declaration completely changed the whole posture of
affairs. Mrs Kenwigs threw herself upon the old gentleman’s neck,
bitterly reproaching herself for her late harshness, and exclaiming,
if she had suffered, what must his sufferings have been! Mr
Kenwigs grasped his hand, and vowed eternal friendship and
remorse. Mrs Kenwigs was horror-stricken to think that she
should ever have nourished in her bosom such a snake, adder,
viper, serpent, and base crocodile as Henrietta Petowker. Mr
Kenwigs argued that she must have been bad indeed not to have
improved by so long a contemplation of Mrs Kenwigs’s virtue. Mrs
Kenwigs remembered that Mr Kenwigs had often said that he was
not quite satisfied of the propriety of Miss Petowker’s conduct,
and wondered how it was that she could have been blinded by
such a wretch. Mr Kenwigs remembered that he had had his
suspicions, but did not wonder why Mrs Kenwigs had not had
hers, as she was all chastity, purity, and truth, and Henrietta all

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