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baseness, falsehood, and deceit. And Mr and Mrs Kenwigs both
said, with strong feelings and tears of sympathy, that everything
happened for the best; and conjured the good collector not to give
way to unavailing grief, but to seek consolation in the society of
those affectionate relations whose arms and hearts were ever open
to him.

‘Out of affection and regard for you, Susan and Kenwigs,’ said
Mr Lillyvick, ‘and not out of revenge and spite against her, for she
is below it, I shall, tomorrow morning, settle upon your children,
and make payable to the survivors of them when they come of age
of marry, that money that I once meant to leave ’em in my will.
The deed shall be executed tomorrow, and Mr Noggs shall be one
of the witnesses. He hears me promise this, and he shall see it

Overpowered by this noble and generous offer, Mr Kenwigs,
Mrs Kenwigs, and Miss Morleena Kenwigs, all began to sob
together; and the noise of their sobbing, communicating itself to
the next room, where the children lay a-bed, and causing them to
cry too, Mr Kenwigs rushed wildly in, and bringing them out in his
arms, by two and two, tumbled them down in their nightcaps and
gowns at the feet of Mr Lillyvick, and called upon them to thank
and bless him.

‘And now,’ said Mr Lillyvick, when a heart-rending scene had
ensued and the children were cleared away again, ‘give me some
supper. This took place twenty mile from town. I came up this
morning, and have being lingering about all day, without being
able to make up my mind to come and see you. I humoured her in
everything, she had her own way, she did just as she pleased, and
now she has done this. There was twelve teaspoons and twenty-

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