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handy with a handspike-end. And I’ll not deny neither but what
some of my people was shook--maybe all was shook; maybe I was
shook myself; maybe that’s why I’m here for terms. But you mark
me, cap’n, it won’t do twice, by thunder! We’ll have to do sentry-go
and ease off a point or so on the rum. Maybe you think we were all
a sheet in the wind’s eye. But I’ll tell you I was sober; I was on’y
dog tired; and if I’d awoke a second sooner, I’d ‘a caught you at the
act, I would. He wasn’t dead when I got round to him, not he.”

“Well?” says Captain Smollett as cool as can be.
All that Silver said was a riddle to him, but you would never
have guessed it from his tone. As for me, I began to have an
inkling. Ben Gunn’s last words came back to my mind. I began to
suppose that he had paid the buccaneers a visit while they all lay
drunk together round their fire, and I reckoned up with glee that
we had only fourteen enemies to deal with.

“Well, here it is,” said Silver. “We want that treasure, and we’ll
have it--that’s our point! You would just as soon save your lives, I
reckon; and that’s yours. You have a chart, haven’t you?”

“That’s as may be,” replied the captain.
“Oh, well, you have, I know that,” returned Long John. “You
needn’t be so husky with a man; there ain’t a particle of service in
that, and you may lay to it. What I mean is, we want your chart.
Now, I never meant you no harm, myself.”

“That won’t do with me, my man,” interrupted the captain. “We
know exactly what you meant to do, and we don’t care, for now,
you see, you can’t do it.”

And the captain looked at him calmly and proceeded to fill a

“If Abe Gray--” Silver broke out.

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