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“Avast there!” cried Mr. Smollett. “Gray told me nothing, and I
asked him nothing; and what’s more, I would see you and him and
this whole island blown clean out of the water into blazes first. So
there’s my mind for you, my man, on that.”

This little whiff of temper seemed to cool Silver down. He had
been growing nettled before, but now he pulled himself together.

“Like enough,” said he. “I would set no limits to what
gentlemen might consider shipshape, or might not, as the case
were. And seein’ as how you are about to take a pipe, cap’n, I’ll
make so free as do likewise.”

And he filled a pipe and lighted it; and the two men sat silently
smoking for quite a while, now looking each other in the face, now
stopping their tobacco, now leaning forward to spit. It was as good
as the play to see them.

“Now,” resumed Silver, “here it is. You give us the chart to get
the treasure by, and drop shooting poor seamen and stoving of
their heads in while asleep. You do that, and we’ll offer you a
choice. Either you come aboard along of us, once the treasure
shipped, and then I’ll give you my affy-davy, upon my word of
honour, to clap you somewhere safe ashore. Or if that ain’t to your
fancy, some of my hands being rough and having old scores on
account of hazing, then you can stay here, you can. We’ll divide
stores with you, man for man; and I’ll give my affy-davy, as before
to speak the first ship I sight, and send ‘em here to pick you up.
Now, you’ll own that’s talking. Handsomer you couldn’t look to
get, now you. And I hope”--raising his voice-- “that all hands in
this here block house will overhaul my words, for what is spoke to
one is spoke to all.”

Captain Smollett rose from his seat and knocked out the ashes

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