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All the time I was washing out the block house, and then
washing up the things from dinner, this disgust and envy kept
growing stronger and stronger, till at last, being near a bread-bag,
and no one then observing me, I took the first step towards my
escapade and filled both pockets of my coat with biscuit.

I was a fool, if you like, and certainly I was going to do a foolish,
over-bold act; but I was determined to do it with all the
precautions in my power. These biscuits, should anything befall
me, would keep me, at least, from starving till far on in the next

The next thing I laid hold of was a brace of pistols, and as I
already had a powder-horn and bullets, I felt myself well supplied
with arms.

As for the scheme I had in my head, it was not a bad one in
itself. I was to go down the sandy spit that divides the anchorage
on the east from the open sea, find the white rock I had observed
last evening, and ascertain whether it was there or not that Ben
Gunn had hidden his boat, a thing quite worth doing, as I still
believe. But as I was certain I should not be allowed to leave the
enclosure, my only plan was to take French leave and slip out
when nobody was watching, and that was so bad a way of doing it
as made the thing itself wrong. But I was only a boy, and I had
made my mind up.

Well, as things at last fell out, I found an admirable opportunity.
The squire and Gray were busy helping the captain with his
bandages, the coast was clear, I made a bolt for it over the
stockade and into the thickest of the trees, and before my absence
was observed I was out of cry of my companions.

This was my second folly, far worse than the first, as I left but

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