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two sound men to guard the house; but like the first, it was a help
towards saving all of us.

I took my way straight for the east coast of the island, for I was
determined to go down the sea side of the spit to avoid all chance
of observation from the anchorage. It was already late in the
afternoon, although still warm and sunny. As I continued to thread
the tall woods, I could hear from far before me not only the
continuous thunder of the surf, but a certain tossing of foliage and
grinding of boughs which showed me the sea breeze had set in
higher than usual. Soon cool draughts of air began to reach me,
and a few steps farther I came forth into the open borders of the
grove, and saw the sea lying blue and sunny to the horizon and the
surf tumbling and tossing its foam along the beach.

I have never seen the sea quiet round Treasure Island. The sun
might blaze overhead, the air be without a breath, the surface
smooth and blue, but still these great rollers would be running
along all the external coast, thundering and thundering by day
and night; and I scarce believe there is one spot in the island
where a man would be out of earshot of their noise.

I walked along beside the surf with great enjoyment, till,
thinking I was now got far enough to the south, I took the cover of
some thick bushes and crept warily up to the ridge of the spit.

Behind me was the sea, in front the anchorage. The sea breeze,
as though it had the sooner blown itself out by its unusual
violence, was already at an end; it had been succeeded by light,
variable airs from the south and south-east, carrying great banks
of fog; and the anchorage, under lee of Skeleton Island, lay still
and leaden as when first we entered it. The Hispaniola, in that
unbroken mirror, was exactly portrayed from the truck to the

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