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the smaller bones, a human skeleton lay, with a few shreds of
clothing, on the ground. I believe a chill struck for a moment to
every heart.

“He was a seaman,” said George Merry, who, bolder than the
rest, had gone up close and was examining the rags of clothing.
“Leastways, this is good sea-cloth.”

“Aye, aye,” said Silver; “like enough; you wouldn’t look to find a
bishop here, I reckon. But what sort of a way is that for bones to
lie? ‘Tain’t in natur’.”

Indeed, on a second glance, it seemed impossible to fancy that
the body was in a natural position. But for some disarray (the
work, perhaps, of the birds that had fed upon him or of the slow-
growing creeper that had gradually enveloped his remains) the
man lay perfectly straight--his feet pointing in one direction, his
hands, raised above his head like a diver’s, pointing directly in the
opposite. “I’ve taken a notion into my old numbskull,” observed
Silver. “Here’s the compass; there’s the tip-top p’int o’ Skeleton
Island, stickin’ out like a tooth. Just take a bearing, will you, along
the line of them bones.”

It was done. The body pointed straight in the direction of the
island, and the compass read duly E.S.E. and by E.

“I thought so,” cried the cook; “this here is a p’inter. Right up
there is our line for the Pole Star and the jolly dollars. But, by
thunder! If it don’t make me cold inside to think of Flint. This is
one of HIS jokes, and no mistake. Him and these six was alone
here; he killed ‘em, every man; and this one he hauled here and
laid down by compass, shiver my timbers! They’re long bones, and
the hair’s been yellow. Aye, that would be Allardyce. You mind
Allardyce, Tom Morgan?”

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