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“Aye, aye,” returned Morgan; “I mind him; he owed me money,
he did, and took my knife ashore with him.”

“Speaking of knives,” said another, “why don’t we find his’n
lying round? Flint warn’t the man to pick a seaman’s pocket; and
the birds, I guess, would leave it be.”

“By the powers, and that’s true!” cried Silver.
“There ain’t a thing left here,” said Merry, still feeling round
among the bones; “not a copper doit nor a baccy box. It don’t look
nat’ral to me.”

“No, by gum, it don’t,” agreed Silver; “not nat’ral, nor not nice,
says you. Great guns! Messmates, but if Flint was living, this
would be a hot spot for you and me. Six they were, and six are we;
and bones is what they are now.”

“I saw him dead with these here deadlights,” said Morgan.
“Billy took me in. There he laid, with penny-pieces on his eyes.”

“Dead--aye, sure enough he’s dead and gone below,” said the
fellow with the bandage; “but if ever sperrit walked, it would be
Flint’s. Dear heart, but he died bad, did Flint!”

“Aye, that he did,” observed another; “now he raged, and now
he hollered for the rum, and now he sang. ‘Fifteen Men’ were his
only song, mates; and I tell you true, I never rightly liked to hear it
since. It was main hot, and the windy was open, and I hear that old
song comin’ out as clear as clear--and the death-haul on the man

“Come, come,” said Silver; “stow this talk. He’s dead, and he
don’t walk, that I know; leastways, he won’t walk by day, and you
may lay to that. Care killed a cat. Fetch ahead for the doubloons.”

We started, certainly; but in spite of the hot sun and the staring
daylight, the pirates no longer ran separate and shouting through

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