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surprise you, Master Silver. But if I were sure they were raving--as
I am morally certain one, at least, of them is down with fever--I
should leave this camp, and at whatever risk to my own carcass,
take them the assistance of my skill.”

“Ask your pardon, sir, you would be very wrong,” quoth Silver.
“You would lose your precious life, and you may lay to that. I’m on
your side now, hand and glove; and I shouldn’t wish for to see the
party weakened, let alone yourself, seeing as I know what I owes
you. But these men down there, they couldn’t keep their word--
no, not supposing they wished to; and what’s more, they couldn’t
believe as you could.”

“No,” said the doctor. “You’re the man to keep your word, we
know that.”

Well, that was about the last news we had of the three pirates.
Only once we heard a gunshot a great way off and supposed them
to be hunting. A council was held, and it was decided that we must
desert them on the island --to the huge glee, I must say, of Ben
Gunn, and with the strong approval of Gray. We left a good stock
of powder and shot, the bulk of the salt goat, a few medicines, and
some other necessaries, tools, clothing, a spare sail, a fathom or
two of rope, and by the particular desire of the doctor, a handsome
present of tobacco.

That was about our last doing on the island. Before that, we had
got the treasure stowed and had shipped enough water and the
remainder of the goat meat in case of any distress; and at last, one
fine morning, we weighed anchor, which was about all that we
could manage, and stood out of North Inlet, the same colours
flying that the captain had flown and fought under at the palisade.

The three fellows must have been watching us closer than we

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