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thought for, as we soon had proved. For coming through the
narrows, we had to lie very near the southern point, and there we
saw all three of them kneeling together on a spit of sand, with
their arms raised in supplication. It went to all our hearts, I think,
to leave them in that wretched state; but we could not risk another
mutiny; and to take them home for the gibbet would have been a
cruel sort of kindness. The doctor hailed them and told them of
the stores we had left, and where they were to find them. But they
continued to call us by name and appeal to us, for Godís sake, to
be merciful and not leave them to die in such a place.

At last, seeing the ship still bore on her course and was now
swiftly drawing out of earshot, one of them--I know not which it
was--leapt to his feet with a hoarse cry, whipped his musket to his
shoulder, and sent a shot whistling over Silverís head and through
the main-sail.

After that, we kept under cover of the bulwarks, and when next
I looked out they had disappeared from the spit, and the spit itself
had almost melted out of sight in the growing distance. That was,
at least, the end of that; and before noon, to my inexpressible joy,
the highest rock of Treasure Island had sunk into the blue round
of sea.

We were so short of men that everyone on board had to bear a
hand--only the captain lying on a mattress in the stern and giving
his orders, for though greatly recovered he was still in want of
quiet. We laid her head for the nearest port in Spanish America,
for we could not risk the voyage home without fresh hands; and as
it was, what with baffling winds and a couple of fresh gales, we
were all worn out before we reached it.

It was just at sundown when we cast anchor in a most beautiful

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