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hand, he struck at them right and left in his blindness and his stick
sounded heavily on more than one.

These, in their turn, cursed back at the blind miscreant,
threatened him in horrid terms, and tried in vain to catch the stick
and wrest it from his grasp.

This quarrel was the saving of us, for while it was still raging,
another sound came from the top of the hill on the side of the
hamlet--the tramp of horses galloping. Almost at the same time a
pistol-shot, flash and report, came from the hedge side. And that
was plainly the last signal of danger, for the buccaneers turned at
once and ran, separating in every direction, one seaward along the
cove, one slant across the hill, and so on, so that in half a minute
not a sign of them remained but Pew. Him they had deserted,
whether in sheer panic or out of revenge for his ill words and
blows I know not; but there he remained behind, tapping up and
down the road in a frenzy, and groping and calling for his
comrades. Finally he took a wrong turn and ran a few steps past
me, towards the hamlet, crying, “Johnny, Black Dog, Dirk,” and
other names, “you won’t leave old Pew, mates--not old Pew!”

Just then the noise of horses topped the rise, and four or five
riders came in sight in the moonlight and swept at full gallop down
the slope.

At this Pew saw his error, turned with a scream, and ran
straight for the ditch, into which he rolled. But he was on his feet
again in a second and made another dash, now utterly bewildered,
right under the nearest of the coming horses.

The rider tried to save him, but in vain. Down went Pew with a
cry that rang high into the night; and the four hoofs trampled and
spurned him and passed by. He fell on his side, then gently

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