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collapsed upon his face and moved no more.

I leaped to my feet and hailed the riders. They were pulling up,
at any rate, horrified at the accident; and I soon saw what they
were. One, tailing out behind the rest, was a lad that had gone
from the hamlet to Dr. Livesey’s; the rest were revenue officers,
whom he had met by the way, and with whom he had had the
intelligence to return at once. Some news of the lugger in Kitt’s
Hole had found its way to Supervisor Dance and set him forth that
night in our direction, and to that circumstance my mother and I
owed our preservation from death.

Pew was dead, stone dead. As for my mother, when we had
carried her up to the hamlet, a little cold water and salts and that
soon brought her back again, and she was none the worse for her
terror, though she still continued to deplore the balance of the
money. In the meantime the supervisor rode on, as fast as he
could, to Kitt’s Hole; but his men had to dismount and grope down
the dingle, leading, and sometimes supporting, their horses, and in
continual fear of ambushes; so it was no great matter for surprise
that when they got down to the Hole the lugger was already under
way, though still close in. He hailed her. A voice replied, telling
him to keep out of the moonlight or he would get some lead in
him, and at the same time a bullet whistled close by his arm. Soon
after, the lugger doubled the point and disappeared. Mr. Dance
stood there, as he said, “like a fish out of water,” and all he could
do was to dispatch a man to B---- to warn the cutter. “And that,”
said he, “is just about as good as nothing. They’ve got off clean,
and there’s an end. “Only,” he added, “I’m glad I trod on Master
Pew’s corns,” for by this time he had heard my story.

I went back with him to the Admiral Benbow, and you cannot

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