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brought me the very man that I required. I was standing on the dock,
when, by the merest accident, I fell in talk with him. I found he was
an old sailor, kept a public-house, knew all the seafaring men in
Bristol, had lost his health ashore, and wanted a good berth as cook
to get to sea again. He had hobbled down there that morning, he said,
to get a smell of the salt. I was monstrously touched--so would you
have been--and, out of pure pity, I engaged him on the spot to be
shipís cook. Long John Silver, he is called, and has lost a leg; but that
I regarded as a recommendation, since he lost it in his countryís
service, under the immortal Hawke. He has no pension, Livesey.
Imagine the abominable age we live in! Well, sir, I thought I had only
found a cook, but it was a crew I had discovered. Between Silver and
myself we got together in a few days a company of the toughest old
salts imaginable--not pretty to look at, but fellows, by their faces, of
the most indomitable spirit. I declare we could fight a frigate. Long
John even got rid of two out of the six or seven I had already
engaged. He showed me in a moment that they were just the sort of
fresh-water swabs we had to fear in an adventure of importance. I
am in the most magnificent health and spirits, eating like a bull,
sleeping like a tree, yet I shall not enjoy a moment till I hear my old
tarpaulins tramping round the capstan. Seaward, ho! Hang the
treasure! Itís the glory of the sea that has turned my head. So now,
Livesey, come post; do not lose an hour, if you respect me. Let young
Hawkins go at once to see his mother, with Redruth for a guard; and
then both come full speed to Bristol.

John Trelawney
Postscript--I did not tell you that Blandly, who, by the way, is to
send a consort after us if we donít turn up by the end of August, had
found an admirable fellow for sailing master--a stiff man, which I

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