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regret, but in all other respects a treasure. Long John Silver
unearthed a very competent man for a mate, a man named Arrow. I
have a boatswain who pipes, Livesey; so things shall go man-o’-war
fashion on board the good ship
Hispaniola. I forgot to tell you that
Silver is a man of substance; I know of my own knowledge that he
has a banker’s account, which has never been overdrawn. He leaves
his wife to manage the inn; and as she is a woman of colour, a pair
of old bachelors like you and I may be excused for guessing that it is
the wife, quite as much as the health, that sends him back to roving.

J. T.
P.P.S.--Hawkins may stay one night with his mother.
J. T.
You can fancy the excitement into which that letter put me. I
was half beside myself with glee; and if ever I despised a man, it
was old Tom Redruth, who could do nothing but grumble and
lament. Any of the under-gamekeepers would gladly have
changed places with him; but such was not the squire’s pleasure,
and the squire’s pleasure was like law among them all. Nobody but
old Redruth would have dared so much as even to grumble.

The next morning he and I set out on foot for the Admiral
Benbow, and there I found my mother in good health and spirits.
The captain, who had so long been a cause of so much discomfort,
was gone where the wicked cease from troubling. The squire had
had everything repaired, and the public rooms and the sign
repainted, and had added some furniture--above all a beautiful
armchair for mother in the bar. He had found her a boy as an
apprentice also so that she should not want help while I was gone.

It was on seeing that boy that I understood, for the first time,
my situation. I had thought up to that moment of the adventures

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