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I’ve got your letters, and if you give me any pertness I’ll send them
to your father. I presume you grew weary of the amusement and
dropped it, didn’t you? Well, you dropped Linton with it, into a
Slough of Despond. He was in earnest--in love--really. As true as
I live, he’s dying for you; breaking his heart at your fickleness, not
figuratively, but actually. Though Hareton has made him a
standing jest for six weeks, and I have used more serious
measures, and attempted to frighten him out of his idiocy, he gets
worse daily, and he’ll be under the sod before summer, unless you
restore him!”

“How can you lie so glaringly to the poor child!” I called from
the inside. “Pray ride on! How can you deliberately get up such
paltry falsehoods? Miss Cathy, I’ll knock the lock off with a stone:
you won’t believe that vile nonsense. You can feel in yourself, it is
impossible that a person should die for love of a stranger.”

“I was not aware there were eavesdroppers,” muttered the
detected villain. “Worthy Mrs. Dean, I like you, but I don’t like
your double-dealing,” he added aloud. “How could you lie so
glaringly, as to affirm I hated the ‘poor child’? and invent bugbear
stories to terrify her from my door-stones? Catherine Linton (the
very name warms me), my bonny lass, I shall be from home all this
week; go and see if I have not spoken truth: do, there’s a darling!
Just imagine your father in my place, and Linton in yours; then
think how you would value your careless lover if he refused to stir
a step to comfort you, when your father himself entreated him;
and don’t, from pure stupidity, fall into the same error. I swear, on
my salvation, he’s going to his grave, and none but you can save

The lock gave way, and I issued out.

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