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“I swear Linton is dying,” repeated Heathcliff, looking hard at
me. “And grief and disappointment are hastening his death. Nelly,
if you won’t let her go, you can walk over yourself. But I shall not
return till this time next week; and I think your master himself
would scarcely object to her visiting her cousin!”

“Come in,” said I, taking Cathy by the arm and half forcing her
to re-enter; for she lingered, viewing with troubled eyes the
features of the speaker, too stern to express his inward deceit.

He pushed his horse close, and, bending down, observed--
“Miss Catherine, I’ll own to you that I have little patience with
Linton--and Hareton and Joseph have less. I’ll own that he’s with
a harsh set. He pines for kindness, as well as love; and a kind word
from you would be his best medicine. Don’t mind Mrs. Dean’s
cruel cautions; but be generous, and contrive to see him. He
dreams of you day and night, and cannot be persuaded that you
don’t hate him, since you neither write nor call.”

I closed the door, and rolled a stone to assist the loosened lock
in holding it; and spreading my umbrella, I drew my charge
underneath, for the rain began to drive through the moaning
branches of the trees, and warned us to avoid delay.

Our hurry prevented any comment on the encounter with
Heathcliff, as we stretched towards home; but I divined
instinctively that Catherine’s heart was clouded now in double
darkness. Her features were so sad, they did not seem hers: she
evidently regarded what she had heard as every syllable true.

The master had retired to rest before we came in. Cathy stole to
his room to inquire how he was; he had fallen asleep. She
returned, and asked me to sit with her in the library. We took our
tea together; and afterwards she lay down on the rug, and told me

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