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arm of the great chair, in which he reclined. “No--don’t kiss me. It
takes my breath--dear me! Papa said you would call,” continued
he, after recovering a little from Catherine’s embrace, while she
stood by looking very contrite. “Will you shut the door, if you
please? you left it open; and those--those detestable creatures
won’t bring coals to the fire. It’s so cold!”

I stirred up the cinders, and fetched a scuttle full myself. The
invalid complained of being covered with ashes; but he had a
tiresome cough, and looked feverish and ill, so I did not rebuke his

“Well, Linton,” murmured Catherine, when his corrugated
brow relaxed. “Are you glad to see me? Can I do you any good?”

“Why didn’t you come before?” he said. “You should have
come, instead of writing. It tired me dreadfully, writing those long
letters. I’d far rather have talked to you. Now, I can neither bear to
talk, nor anything else. I wonder where Zillah is! Will you (looking
at me) step into the kitchen and see?”

I had received no thanks for my other service; and being
unwilling to run to and fro at his behest, I replied--

“Nobody is out there but Joseph.”
“I want to drink,” he exclaimed fretfully, turning away. “Zillah
is constantly gadding off to Gimmerton since Papa went--it’s
miserable! And I’m obliged to come down here--they resolved
never to hear me upstairs.”

“Is your father attentive to you, Master Heathcliff?” I asked,
perceiving Catherine to be checked in her friendly advances.

“Attentive? He makes them a little more attentive, at least,” he
cried. “The wretches! Do you know, Miss Linton, that brute
Hareton laughs at me--I hate him--indeed, I hate them all--they

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