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are odious beings.”

Cathy began searching for some water; she lighted on a pitcher
in the dresser, filled a tumbler, and brought it. He bid her add a
spoonful of wine from a bottle on the table; and having swallowed
a small portion, appeared more tranquil, and said she was very

“And are you glad to see me?” asked she, reiterating her former
question, and pleased to detect the faint dawn of a smile.

“Yes, I am. It’s something new to hear a voice like yours!” he
replied. “But I have been vexed, because you wouldn’t come. And
Papa swore it was owing to me; he called me a pitiful, shuffling,
worthless thing; and said you despised me; and if he had been in
my place, he would be more the master of the Grange than your
father, by this time. But you don’t despise me, do you, Miss--”

“I wish you would say Catherine, or Cathy,” interrupted my
young lady. “Despise you? No! Next to Papa, and Ellen, I love you
better than anybody living. I don’t love Mr. Heathcliff, though; and
I dare not come when he returns; will he stay away many days?”

“Not many,” answered Linton; “but he goes on to the moors
frequently, since the shooting season commenced; and you might
spend an hour or two with me in his absence. Do! say you will! I
think I should not be peevish with you: you’d not provoke me, and
you’d be always ready to help me, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” said Catherine, stroking his long soft hair, “if I could
only get Papa’s consent, I’d spend half my time with you. Pretty
Linton! I wish you were my brother.”

“And then you would like me as well as your father?” observed
he, more cheerfully. “But Papa says you would love me better than
him and all the world, if you were my wife; so I’d rather you were

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