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“No! I should never love anybody better than Papa,” she
returned gravely. “And people hate their wives, sometimes; but
not their sisters and brothers; and if you were the latter, you
would live with us, and Papa would be as fond of you as he is of

Linton denied that people ever hated their wives; but Cathy
affirmed they did, and, in her wisdom, instanced his own father’s
aversion to her aunt. I endeavoured to stop her thoughtless
tongue. I couldn’t succeed till everything she knew was out.
Master Heathcliff, much irritated, asserted her relation was false.

“Papa told me; and Papa does not tell falsehoods,” she
answered pertly.

My papa scorns yours!” cried Linton. “He calls him a sneaking

“Yours is a wicked man,” retorted Catherine; “and you are very
naughty to dare to repeat what he says. He must be wicked to have
made Aunt Isabella leave him as she did!”

“She didn’t leave him,” said the boy; “you shan’t contradict

“She did!” cried my young lady.
“Well, I’ll tell you something!” said Linton. “Your mother hated
your father: now then.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Catherine, too enraged to continue.
“And she loved mine!” added he.

“You little liar! I hate you now!” she panted, and her face grew
red with passion.

“She did! she did!” sang Linton, sinking into the recess of his
chair, and leaning back his head to enjoy the agitation of the other

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