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I didnt do it all, said his cousin. However, well be friends
now. And you really want me--you would wish to see me
sometimes, really?

I told you I did, he replied impatiently. Sit on the settle, and
let me lean on your knee. Thats as Mamma used to do, whole
afternoons together. Sit quite still, and dont talk; but you may
sing a song, if you can sing; or you may say a nice long interesting
ballad--one of those you promised to teach me; or a story. Id
rather have a ballad, though: begin.

Catherine repeated the longest she could remember. The
employment pleased both mightily. Linton would have another,
and after that another, notwithstanding my strenuous objections;
and so they went on until the clock struck twelve, and we heard
Hareton in the court, returning for his dinner.

And to-morrow, Catherine, will you be here to-morrow?
asked young Heathcliff, holding her frock as she rose reluctantly.

No! I answered, nor next day neither. She, however, gave a
different response, evidently, for his forehead cleared as she
stooped and whispered in his ear.

You wont go to-morrow, recollect, Miss! I commenced, when
we were out of the house. You are not dreaming of it, are you?

She smiled.
Oh, Ill take good care, I continued; Ill have that lock
mended, and you can escape by no way else.

I can get over the wall, she said, laughing. The Grange is not
a prison, Ellen, and you are not my jailer. And besides, Im almost
seventeen--Im a woman. And Im certain Linton would recover
quickly if he had me to look after him. Im older than he is, you
know, and wiser: less childish, am I not? And hell soon do as I

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