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direct him, with some slight coaxing. He’s a pretty little darling
when he’s good. I’d make such a pet of him, if he were mine. We
should never quarrel, should we, after we were used to each
other? Don’t you like him, Ellen?”

“Like him?” I exclaimed. “The worst-tempered bit of a sickly
slip that ever struggled into its teens! Happily, as Mr. Heathcliff
conjectured, he’ll not win twenty! I doubt whether he’ll see spring,
indeed. And small loss to his family whenever he drops off. And
lucky it is for us that his father took him--the kinder he was
treated, the more tedious and selfish he’d be! I’m glad you have no
chance of having him for a husband, Miss Catherine.”

My companion waxed serious at hearing this speech. To speak
of his death so regardlessly wounded her feelings.

“He’s younger than I,” she answered, after a protracted pause
of meditation, “and he ought to live the longest: he will--he must
live as long as I do. He’s as strong now as when he first came into
the North, I’m positive of that. It’s only a cold that ails him, the
same as Papa has. You say Papa will get better, and why shouldn’t

“Well, well,” I cried, “after all, we needn’t trouble ourselves; for
listen, Miss--and mind, I’ll keep my word--if you attempt going to
Wuthering Heights again, with or without me, I shall inform Mr.
Linton, and, unless he allow it, the intimacy with your cousin must
not be revived.”

“It has been revived!” muttered Cathy sulkily.
“Must not be continued, then,” I said.

“We’ll see!” was her reply, and she set off at a gallop, leaving
me to toil in the rear.

We both reached home before our dinner-time; my master

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