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be beyond her control; unless she were extremely and foolishly
indulgent. However, master, you’ll have plenty of time to get
acquainted with him, and see whether he would suit her--it wants
four years and more to his being of age.’

“Edgar sighed; and, walking to the window, looked out towards
Gimmerton Kirk. It was a misty afternoon, but the February sun
shone dimly, and we could just distinguish the two fir-trees in the
yard, and the sparely scattered gravestones.

“I’ve prayed often,” he half soliloquised, “for the approach of
what is coming; and now I begin to shrink, and fear it. I thought
the memory of the hour I came down that glen a bridegroom
would be less sweet than the anticipation that I was soon, in a few
months, or, possibly, weeks, to be carried up, and laid in its lonely
hollow! Ellen, I’ve been very happy with my little Cathy. Through
winter nights and summer days she was a living hope at my side.
But I’ve been as happy musing by myself among those stones,
under that old church: lying, through the long June evenings, on
the green mound of her mother’s grave, and wishing, yearning for
the time when I might lie beneath it. What can I do for Cathy?
How must I quit her? I’d not care one moment for Linton being
Heathcliff’s son; nor for his taking her from me, if he could console
her for my loss. I’d not care that Heathcliff gained his ends, and
triumphed in robbing me of my last blessing! But should Linton
be unworthy--only a feeble tool to his father--I cannot abandon
her to him! And, hard though it be to crush her buoyant spirit, I
must persevere in making her sad while I live, and leaving her
solitary when I die. Darling! I’d rather resign her to God, and lay
her in the earth before me.”

“Resign her to God, as it is, sir,” I answered, “and if we should

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