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lose you--which may He forbid--under His providence, I’ll stand
her friend and counsellor to the last. Miss Catherine is a good girl;
I don’t fear that she will go wilfully wrong; and people who do
their duty are always finally rewarded.”

Spring advanced; yet my master gathered no real strength,
though he resumed his walks in the grounds with his daughter. To
her inexperienced notions, this itself was a sign of convalescence;
and then his cheek was often flushed, and his eyes were bright,--
she felt sure of his recovering. On her seventeenth birthday, he did
not visit the churchyard: it was raining, and I observed:

“You’ll surely not go out tonight, sir?”
He answered:
“No, I’ll defer it, this year, a little longer.”
He wrote again to Linton, expressing his great desire to see
him; and, had the invalid been presentable, I’ve no doubt his
father would have permitted him to come. As it was, being
instructed, he returned an answer, intimating that Mr. Heathcliff
objected to his calling at the Grange; but his uncle’s kind
remembrance delighted him, and he hoped to meet him,
sometimes, in his rambles, and personally to petition that his
cousin and he might not remain long so utterly divided.

That part of his letter was simple, and probably his own.
Heathcliff knew he could plead eloquently enough for Catherine’s
company, then--

“I do not ask,” he said, “that she may visit here; but, am I never
to see her, because my father forbids me to go to her home, and
you forbid her to come to mine? Do, now and then, ride with her
toward the Heights; and let us exchange a few words, in your
presence! We have done nothing to deserve this separation; and

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