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wont, from mere malice, destroy, irrevocably, all my happiness. If
Papa thought I had left him on purpose, and if he died before I
returned, could I bear to live? Ive given over crying; but Im going
to kneel here, at your knee; and Ill not get up, and Ill not take my
eyes from your face, till you look back at me! No, dont turn away!
do look! Youll see nothing to provoke you. I dont hate you. Im
not angry that you struck me. Have you never loved anybody in all
your life, Uncle? never? Ah! you must look once--Im so
wretched--you cant help being sorry and pitying me.

Keep your efts fingers off; and move, or Ill kick you! cried
Heathcliff, brutally repulsing her. Id rather be hugged by a
snake. How the devil can you dream of fawning on me? I detest

He shrugged his shoulders--shook himself, indeed, as if his
flesh crept with aversion, and thrust back his chair; while I got up,
and opened my mouth, to commence a downright torrent of abuse;
but I was rendered dumb in the middle of the first sentence, by a
threat that I should be shown into a room by myself the very next
syllable I uttered.

It was growing dark--we heard a sound of voices at the garden
gate. Our host hurried out instantly: he had his wits about him; we
had not. There was a talk of two or three minutes, and he returned

I thought it had been your cousin, Hareton, I observed to
Catherine. I wish he would arrive! Who knows but he might take
our part?

It was three servants sent to seek you from the Grange, said
Heathcliff, overhearing me. You should have opened a lattice and
called out; but I could swear that chit is glad you didnt. Shes glad

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