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to be obliged to stay, I’m certain.”

At learning the chance we had missed, we both gave vent to our
grief without control; and he allowed us to wail on till nine o’clock.
Then he bid us go upstairs, through the kitchen, to Zillah’s
chamber; and I whispered my companion to obey: perhaps we
might contrive to get through the window there, or into a garret,
and out by its skylight.

The window, however, was narrow, like those below, and the
garret trap was safe from our attempts; for we were fastened in as

We neither of us lay down: Catherine took her station by the
lattice, and watched anxiously for morning--a deep sigh being the
only answer I could obtain to my frequent entreaties that she
would try to rest.

I seated myself in a chair, and rocked to and fro, passing harsh
judgment on my many derelictions of duty, from which, it struck
me then, all the misfortunes of all my employers sprang. It was not
the case, in reality, I am aware; but it was, in my imagination, that
dismal night; and I thought Heathcliff himself less guilty than I.

At seven o’clock he came, and inquired if Miss Linton had risen.
She ran to the door immediately, and answered--“Yes.”
“Here, then,” he said, opening it, and pulling her out. I rose to
follow, but he turned the lock again. I demanded my release.

“Be patient,” he replied; “I’ll send up your breakfast in a

I thumped on the panels, and rattled the latch angrily; and
Catherine asked why I was still shut up? He answered, I must try
to endure it another hour; and they went away. I endured it two or
three hours; at length, I heard a footstep, not Heathcliff’s.

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