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I scolded the stupid fellows well, for listening to that tale, which
I would not carry to my master; resolving to take a whole bevy up
to the Heights, at daylight, and storm it, literally, unless the
prisoner were quietly surrendered to us.

Her father shall see her, I vowed, and vowed again, if that devil
be killed on his own doorstones in trying to prevent it!

Happily, I was spared the journey, and the trouble. I had gone
downstairs at three o’clock to fetch a jug of water, and was passing
through the hall with it in my hand, when a sharp knock at the
front door made me jump.

“Oh! it is Green,” I said, recollecting myself, “only Green,” and I
went on, intending to send somebody else to open it; but the knock
was repeated, not loud, and still importunately. I put the jug on
the banister, and hastened to admit him myself.

The harvest moon shone clear outside. It was not the attorney.
My own sweet little mistress sprung on my neck, sobbing:

“Ellen! Ellen! Is Papa alive?”
“Yes!” I cried, “yes, my angel, he is. God be thanked, you are
safe with us again!”

She wanted to run, breathless as she was, upstairs to Mr.
Linton’s room; but I compelled her to sit down on a chair, and
made her drink, and washed her pale face, chafing it into a faint
colour with my apron. Then I said I must go first, and tell of her
arrival; imploring her to say, she should be happy with young
Heathcliff. She stared, but soon comprehending why I counselled
her to utter the falsehood, she assured me she would not

I couldn’t abide to be present at their meeting. I stood outside
the chamber door a quarter of an hour, and hardly ventured near

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