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the bed, then.

All was composed, however; Catherine’s despair was as silent
as her father’s joy. She supported him calmly, in appearance; and
he fixed on her features his raised eyes, that seemed dilating with

He died blissfully, Mr. Lockwood: he died so. Kissing her cheek,
he murmured:

“I am going to her; and you, darling child, shall come to us;”
and never stirred or spoke again; but continued that rapt, radiant
gaze, till his pulse imperceptibly stopped, and his soul departed.
None could have noticed the exact minute of his death, it was so
entirely without a struggle.

Whether Catherine had spent her tears, or whether the grief
were too weighty to let them flow, she sat there dry-eyed till the
sun rose--she sat till noon, and would still have remained,
brooding over that deathbed, but I insisted on her coming away,
and taking some repose.

It was well I succeeded in removing her, for at dinnertime
appeared the lawyer, having called at Wuthering Heights to get his
instructions how to behave. He had sold himself to Mr. Heathcliff,
and that was the cause of his delay in obeying my master’s
summons. Fortunately, no thought of worldly affairs crossed the
latter’s mind, to disturb him, after his daughter’s arrival.

Mr. Green took upon himself to order everything and
everybody about the place. He gave all the servants but me notice
to quit. He would have carried his delegated authority to the point
of insisting that Edgar Linton should not be buried beside his wife,
but in the chapel, with his family. There was the will, however, to
hinder that, and my loud protestations against any infringement of

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