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hear a word more about him! None here care what becomes of
him; if you do, act the nurse; if you do not, lock him up and leave

“Then she began to bother me, and I said I’d had enough
plague with the tiresome thing; we each had our tasks, and hers
was to wait on Linton, Mr. Heathcliff bid me leave that labour to

“How they managed together, I can’t tell. I fancy he fretted a
great deal, and moaned hisseln, night and day; and she had
precious little rest, one could guess by her white face and heavy
eyes. She sometimes came into the kitchen all wildered like, and
looked as if she would fain beg assistance; but I was not going to
disobey the master--I never dare disobey him, Mrs. Dean; and
though I thought it wrong that Kenneth should not be sent for, it
was no concern of mine, either to advise or complain; and I always
refused to meddle.

“Once or twice, after we had gone to bed, I’ve happened to open
my door again, and seen her sitting crying on the stairs’ top; and
then I’ve shut myself in, quick, for fear of being moved to interfere.
I did pity her then, I’m sure; still I didn’t wish to lose my place, you

“At last, one night she came boldly into my chamber, and
frightened me out of my wits, by saying:

“‘Tell Mr. Heathcliff that his son is dying--I’m sure he is, this
time. Get up, instantly, and tell him!’

“Having uttered this speech, she vanished again. I lay a quarter
of an hour listening and trembling. Nothing stirred--the house
was quiet.

“She’s mistaken, I said to myself. He’s got over it. I needn’t

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