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disturb them; and I began to doze. But my sleep was marred a
second time by a sharp ringing of the bell--the only bell we have,
put up on purpose for Linton; and the master called to me to see
what was the matter, and inform them that he wouldn’t have that
noise repeated.

“I delivered Catherine’s message. He cursed to himself, and in a
few minutes came out with a lighted candle, and proceeded to
their room. I followed. Mrs. Heathcliff was seated by the bedside,
with her hands folded on her knees. Her father-in-law went up,
held the light to Linton’s face, looked at him, and touched him;
afterwards he turned to her.

“‘Now--Catherine,’ he said, ‘how do you feel?’
“She was dumb.

“‘How do you feel, Catherine?’ he repeated.
“‘He’s safe, and I’m free,’ she answered. ‘I should feel well--
but,’ she continued with a bitterness she couldn’t conceal, ‘you
have left me so long to struggle against death, alone, that I feel and
see only death! I feel like death!’

“And she looked like it, too! I gave her a little wine. Hareton
and Joseph, who had been wakened by the ringing, and the sound
of feet, and heard our talk from outside, now entered. Joseph was
fain, I believe, of the lad’s removal; Hareton seemed a thought
bothered, though he was more taken up with staring at Catherine
than thinking of Linton. But the master bid him get off to bed
again--we didn’t want his help. He afterwards made Joseph
remove the body to his chamber, and told me to return to mine,
and Mrs. Heathcliff remained by herself.

“In the morning, he sent me to tell her she must come down to
breakfast: she had undressed, and appeared going to sleep, and

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