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“Remove them yourself,” she said, pushing them from her as
soon as she had done, and retiring to a stool by the window, where
she began to carve figures of birds and beasts out of the turnip
parings in her lap. I approached her, pretending to desire a view of
the garden; and, as I fancied, adroitly dropped Mrs. Dean’s note on
to her knee, unnoticed by Hareton--but she asked aloud,--

“What is that?” and chucked it off.
“A letter from your old acquaintance, the housekeeper at the
Grange,” I answered, annoyed at her exposing my kind deed, and
fearful lest it should be imagined a missive of my own.

She would gladly have gathered it up at this information, but
Hareton beat her; he seized and put it in his waistcoat, saying Mr.
Heathcliff should look at it first.

Thereat, Catherine silently turned her face from us, and, very
stealthily, drew out her pocket-handkerchief and applied it to her
eyes; and her cousin, after struggling a while to keep down his
softer feelings, pulled out the letter and flung it on the floor beside
her, as ungraciously as he could.

Catherine caught and perused it eagerly; then she put a few
questions to me concerning the inmates, rational and irrational, of
her former home; and gazing towards the hills, murmured in

“I should like to be riding Minny down there! I should like to be
climbing up there! Oh! I’m tired--I’m stalled, Hareton!”

And she leant her pretty head back against the sill, with half a
yawn and half a sigh, and lapsed into an aspect of abstracted
sadness: neither caring nor knowing whether we remarked her.

“Mrs. Heathcliff,” I said, after sitting some time mute, “are you
not aware that I am an acquaintance of yours? so intimate, that I

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