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think it strange you won’t come and speak to me. My housekeeper
never wearies of talking about and praising you; and she’ll be
greatly disappointed if I return with no news of or from you,
except that you received her letter and said nothing!”

She appeared to wonder at this speech and asked:
“Does Ellen like you?”

“Yes, very well,” I replied unhesitatingly.
“You must tell her,” she continued, “that I would answer her
letter, but I have no materials for writing,--not even a book from
which I might tear a leaf.”

“No books!” I exclaimed. “How do you contrive to live here
without them? if I may take the liberty to inquire. Though
provided with a large library, I’m frequently very dull at the
Grange; take my books away, and I should be desperate!”

“I was always reading, when I had them,” said Catherine; “and
Mr. Heathcliff never reads; so he took it into his head to destroy
my books. I have not had a glimpse of one for weeks. Only once, I
searched through Joseph’s store of theology, to his great irritation;
and once, Hareton, I came upon a secret stock in your room . . .
some Latin and Greek, and some tales and poetry, all old friends. I
brought the last here--and you gathered them, as a magpie
gathers silver spoons, for the mere love of stealing! They are of no
use to you; or else you concealed them in the bad spirit, that as
you cannot enjoy them, nobody else shall. Perhaps your envy
counselled Mr. Heathcliff to rob me of my treasures? But I’ve most
of them written on my brain and printed in my heart, and you
cannot deprive me of those!”

Earnshaw blushed crimson when his cousin made this
revelation of his private literary accumulations, and stammered an

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