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premium upon the loyal alliance of capable men, upon self-
restraint, patience, and decision. And the institution of the family,
and the emotions that arise therein, the fierce jealousy, the
tenderness for offspring, parental self-devotion, all found their
justification and support in the imminent dangers of the young.
Now, where are these imminent dangers? There is a sentiment
arising, and it will grow, against connubial jealousy, against fierce
maternity, against passion of all sorts; unnecessary things now, and
things that make us uncomfortable, savage survivals, discords in a
refined and pleasant life.

‘I thought of the physical slightness of the people, their lack of
intelligence, and those big abundant ruins, and it strengthened my
belief in a perfect conquest of Nature. For after the battle comes
Quiet. Humanity had been strong, energetic, and intelligent, and
had used all its abundant vitality to alter the conditions under
which it lived. And now came the reaction of the altered

‘Under the new conditions of perfect comfort and security, that
restless energy, that with us is strength, would become weakness.
Even in our own time certain tendencies and desires, once
necessary to survival, are a constant source of failure. Physical
courage and the love of battle, for instance, are no great helpmay
even be hindrances-to a civilized man. And in a state of physical
balance and security, power, intellectual as well as physical, would
be out of place. For countless years I judged there had been no
danger of war or solitary violence, no danger from wild beasts, no
wasting disease to require strength of constitution, no need of toil.
For such a life, what we should call the weak are as well equipped
as the strong, are indeed no longer weak. Better equipped indeed
they are, for the strong would be fretted by an energy for which
there was no outlet.

No doubt the exquisite beauty of the buildings I saw was the
outcome of the last surgings of the now purposeless energy of
mankind before it settled down into perfect harmony with the
conditions under which it lived-the flourish of that triumph which
began the last great peace. This has ever been the fate of energy in
security; it takes to art and to eroticism, and then come languor and

‘Even this artistic impetus would at last die away-had almost died
in the Time I saw. To adorn themselves with flowers, to dance, to
sing in the sunlight: so much was left of the artistic spirit, and no
more. Even that would fade in the end into a contented inactivity.
We are kept keen on the grindstone of pain and necessity, and, it
seemed to me, that here was that hateful grindstone broken at last!
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