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PinkMonkey Study Guide - American History


Chapter 1 : Pre-Colonial America

1. Describe the conditions of Europe and the events that led to the search for new trade routes to the Indies.

2. How did Columbus discover America?

3. Was the New World really ’new’? Who were the original inhabitants of America.

4. At what stage of social development were the Indians, at the time when the first European explorers set foot on the Caribbean coast?

Chapter 2 : Colonial America

1. Give a brief account of the early European Settlements.

2. Why did England join the race to colonize America?

3. Describe the social life in the early settlements.

4. Elaborate on the legislations and events that led to a confrontation between Britain and the Colonies.

Chapter 3 : The American War Of Independence

1. Give the main causes and events that led to the war of Independence.

2. Give a brief account of the Course of Revolutionary war and the treaty signed to end the war.

3. What is the Boston Tea Party?

4. What was the impact of the Revolutionary War? Discuss.

Chapter 4 : The Federalist Government

1. What are the Articles of confederation?

2. How was the First constitution of the U.S. prepared? Give a brief account.

3. What are the Hamilton Papers? What is the Vision that Hamilton has for the U.S?

4. Describe the Constitution of America.

5. What is the Unwritten Constitution of America.

Chapter 5 : The Civil War

1. What is sectionalism?

2. What were the causes of the Civil War?

3. Write a brief note on the course and the end of the Civil War.

4.Write a note on Abraham Lincoln, as the President and his role in abolishing slavery in the U.S.

5. Describe the role of the Abolitionists in the struggle against slavery.

6. Discuss the impact of the Civil War.

Chapter 6 : The Reconstruction

1. Write a note on the Radical Reconstruction in the South.

2. Did the Reconstruction achieve it objective or was it a failure? Discuss.

Chapter 7 : The Age Of Transformation

1. Write a brief note on the women’s Rights movement in the U.S.

2. Trace the rise of Labor movement in the U.S.

3. Write a note discussing the causes and the Impact of the Spanish American War.

Chapter 8 : The First World War

1. Why did the U.S. enter the war? Trace the main events that led to the entry.

2. Describe the domestic scene in the U.S. on the eve of the war.

3. Write a note on the impact of the World War I.

4. Did the Peace Treaty of Versailles help in maintaining world Peace?

Chapter 9 : The Great Depression

1. What were the conditions that led to the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

2. Write a note on the impact of Depression on the American people.

Chapter 10 : World War II: American Entry into the Second World War

1. What was the mood of the American Public at the Outbreak of World War?

2. Why did the U.S enter the war eventually?

3. Give a brief account of U.S. Diplomacy in bringing the war to an end.

4. What brought the World War II to an end? Write a note on the Impact of the war.

Chapter 11 : The Post-War Period

1. Write a note on President Truman’s achievements at home.

2. What is the Marshall Plan?

3. Give a brief account of Eisenhower’s administration.

4. What is the Cold War? Describe its effect on World Politics.

5. Give an account of John F. Kennedy’s administration.

6. Write a note on the Civil Rights Movement tracing it from the end of Civil War to the ’60s with the rise of Black Power.

7. Who was Martin Luther King JR? Write about his contribution to the Black Civil Rights Movements in the U.S.

8. Write a brief note about the contribution of America to the fields of Literature, Music and Cinema.

9. "The U.S. has the sole hegemony over the world today." Discuss.






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