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Chapter 1 Pre-colonial America
1.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period
1.1    The Discovery of America
1.2    Voyages of Exploration

1.3    The Indians
1.4    Points to Remember

Chapter 2 Colonial America
2.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

2.1    Colonies in America

2.2    The First English Settlements

2.3    Puritan Influence on Early American Society

2.4    The Colonies versus Britain

2.5    Points to Remember

Chapter 3 The Americal War of Independence
3.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

3.1    Causes

3.2    The Events leading to the War of Independence

3.3    The First Continental Congress

3.4    The Declaration of Independence

3.5    The Course of the War

3.6    War and Peace

3.7    Articles of Confederation

3.8    The Formation and Ratification of the Constitution

3.9   Points to Remember

Chapter 4 The Federalist Government
4.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

4.1    The Hamilton Reports

4.2    About the Constitution

4.3    Emergence of Political Parties

4.4    Foreign Affairs

4.5    The XYZ Affair

4.6    The Louisiana Purchase

4.7    The War of 1812

4.8   Points to Remember

Chapter 5 The Civil War
5.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

5.1    Sectionalism

5.2    The Anti-Slavery Movement

5.3    A Brief Account of the Domestic Scene on the Eve of the War

5.4    Events leading to the Civil War

5.5    The Course of the War

5.6   Points to Remember

Chapter 6 The Reconstruction
6.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

6.1    The 14th Amendment to the Constitution

6.2    The Presidentís Impeachment

6.3    The 15th Amendment

6.4    Radical Reconstruction in the South

6.5    The Ku Klux Klan

6.6    The Civil Rights Act

6.7    The Compromise of 1877

6.8    The Impact of Reconstruction

6.9   Points to Remember

Chapter 7 The Age of Transformation
7.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

7.1    The Growth of Industry

7.2    Agriculture

7.3    Settlement in the West and the Indians

7.4    Rise of Reform Movements

7.5    Womenís Rights Movement

7.6    Rise of Labor Movement

7.7    America becomes a World Power

7.8    The Spanish-American War
7.9   Panama Canal
7.10   Points to Remember

Chapter 8 The First World War
8.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

8.1    Woodrow Wilsonís Administration

8.2    The US and the First World War

8.3    Neutrality Rights

8.4    Peace and Diplomacy at the Versailles Conference

8.5   Points to Remember

Chapter 9 The Great Depression
9.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

9.1    Republican Ascendancy and the World Politics

9.2    The Washington Conference

9.3    Republicanism at home

9.4    Panic of 1929

9.5    Causes

9.6    The Effects of the New Deal

9.7    Impact of the Great Depression

9.8   Points to Remember

Chapter 10 World War II: American entry into the Second World War
10.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

10.1    America before the outbreak of the Second World War

10.2    German Expansion

10.3    The US and the war

10.4    Departure from Neutrality

10.5    The Lend Lease Act

10.6    The Pearl Harbor Incident - the US entry into the war

10.7    Impact of the war

10.8    US Diplomacy during the war

10.9    Conference at Dumberton Oaks

10.10    The Yalta Conference

10.11   Points to Remember

Chapter 11 The Post-war Period
11.0    Chronology of Major Events in this Period

11.1    Conditions at Home

11.2    The Employment Act

11.3    The Taft-Hartley Labor Management Relations Act

11.4    Trumanís Civil Rights Program

11.5    The McCarthy period

11.6    The Cold War Abroad

11.7    The Korean War

11.8    The Eisenhower Administration at Home

11.9    The Civil Rights Movement and the Question of Desegregation

11.10    The Labor Reform Act

11.11    The Budget

11.12    The Economy in the 60s

11.13    The Communist Threat abroad

11.14    The Threat of Nuclear War

11.15    The Exploration of Outer Space

11.16    The Geneva Conference on Disarmament

11.17    Our World Today




A Brief Note On American Literature, Cinema And Music

A Note on the Statue of Liberty

Profiles Of Influential Persons In The Course Of American History

A List Of The Thirteen Colonies Under The British Crown

Admission Dates of States to the Union

American Presidents

Census- US Population Totals

The Declaration of Independence (1776)

The Constitution of the United States


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